Your Friendly Local Game Store in Londonderry, NH
123 Nashua Road, Unit 5
603-425-7400 - Get Google Directions
Open at 10:00 a.m. every day - (Full hours)


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Find Us!

The best way to find us is probably to follow Google's directions from your location. If you'd rather risk human directions, see below. :)

From Nashua or Hudson

From Nashua, cross the Bridge Street bridge into Hudson, keeping left at the end of the bridge so that you make a curved turn onto Rte. 102/Derry St. at the first light after the bridge. If you're already in Hudson, get yourself to the Hannaford on Derry St., and aim toward Londonderry. Then follow Rte. 102 for a what seems like a loooooong time, but is really only about 12 minutes (7.7 miles) total. You'll enter a 55 mph zone, and pass the Londonderry Flea Market. Drive a while longer, then eventually come out into civilization again. There's a 40 mph sign, then a Bank of America on your right. Get in the right turn lane at that intersection, and immediately get into the left turn lane on Rte. 128/Mammoth Rd. We're in the Crossroads Mall, behind the Rite Aid and after three speed bumps.

From Manchester or Boston

Get on I-93 (south, if you're in Manchester, north, if you're in Boston), and drive to exit 4. If you're coming from Manchester, bear right off the exit onto Rte. 102/Nashua Rd. (follow the Londonderry arrow). If you're coming from Boston, get in the left lane and bear left off the exit onto Rte. 102/Nashua Rd. Drive for about seven minutes past Home Depot and Staples on the left and eventually you'll see a small Dunkin' Donuts and BP gas station on the left. Turn left into that driveway and then turn right behind the BP station. You'll come to a stop sign and see an animal hospital in the building ahead on your left. We're a couple doors down from the animal hospital on the front of the building.


If you get lost, and Google or GPS can't help, call us at 603-425-7400, and we'll try to help you find your way.